About us

We offer clients more than product – we offer a customized service.

We offer clients more than product – we offer a customized service. Les 3 Cavistes is an importing agency with a competitive edge, we operate as a broker- we do not carry stock. 

We work with our clients to tailor an offer to meet your needs, with wines that represent the best investment in each category.  We are not selling wines by obligation because they are sitting in a warehouse – we are sourcing wines based on your unique needs. 

We are able to source a huge selection of wines at competitive prices, including the most prestigious fine and rare wines from Bordeaux, as well as more affordable chateaux (Cru Bourgeois). 

We have a selection of distribution exclusivities including wines from well-known chateaux at affordable prices. 

We are also affiliated with a large Italian Wine Specialist, Vinexus, as well as independent producers throughout Europe.

Eric Garreau
Selection & Strategy

Eric is the Director of Wine Business at Credit Agricole, the bank that funds over 70 percent of the investments of the Bordeaux Wine region (the region grosses more than 4,3 billion euros in wine sales per year). Eric brings his 23 years in the business to select the products that offer the best investment.

Genevieve Loughlin
Sales & Culture

Operations Director of Autour du Vin Canada, Genevieve brings her business background and 15 years in the publishing & wellness industry to direct daily operations in Canada.

Tracy Dobbin
Expert & Visionary

Director and Owner of Autour du Vin, a certifying wine school that operates in Canada and in Bordeaux. Tracey combines 9 years in the wine business (5 in Bordeaux), an MBA in wine, and high level wine education to select product and develop offers to fit each market and client.

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